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HypoGuard Assure Pro Glucose Meter
User rating
Reviewed by Camilo
"You should NOT use the same meter.Most metres keep a running average of the readings, and mixin..."
Nova Max Glucose Meter
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Reviewed by Dave
"A great meter."
Autolet Impression with comfort zone technology
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Reviewed by Max Anderson
"Best Lancing Device I have found online. Makes it feel less painful and works every time."

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What You Need to Know About Diabetes

There is plenty of diabetes news circulating the internet and in our daily lives. The reason is because diabetes is a growing concern in our world today. This diabetes news cannot be ignored any longer. More and more people are losing control over their bodily health and ignoring the idea of checking out a diabetes diet to get going in a healthy direction. But diabetes news suggests that we need to take action now to prevent this harmful lifelong disease from affecting more and more people. Eating healthy and checking out quality diabetic recipes is one way to make this happen. We should not need diabetes news to convey that message. The importance of eating healthy should be a given.

Whether or not you are up to date on your diabetes news, you have probably noticed people with diabetes using glucose meters to test their blood sugar. The human pancreas creates insulin which is used to convert the glucose (which enters the blood stream via the food we eat) into body fat and energy for the muscle and liver. People with diabetes do not produce enough insulin to handle all the glucose in the bloodstream. Glucose meters measure the amount of insulin in the blood to determine whether or not the body is creating enough of it to handle the glucose. Sometimes daily injections of insulin are needed to remedy this situation. This diabetes news is important for people with the condition to understand. And that is why it is so important to stick to a healthy diabetes diet.

And what should be included in this diabetes diet you may ask? Beans, garlic and onions are just a few ingredients that should be included in diabetic recipes. Fiber is a must, and the food preparer ought to drastically reduce the amount of sugar in meals. This is the real diabetes news. Eating healthy starts with personal lifestyle decisions rooted in the kinds of food we eat on a day-to-day basis.

The last bit of diabetes news we ought to discuss are the symptoms. You may have diabetes without knowing it. That can be a dangerous situation to be in – especially if you have no glucose meter and no means of providing your body with the insulin it needs. Some of these symptoms are blurred vision, excessive thirst, fatigue, hunger and weight loss among others. Take heed of this diabetes news! If your body’s glucose intake is higher than it should be it is time for you to switch to some good diabetic recipes. There is no shame in being on a diabetic diet. In fact, people without the disease should consider it as well. This is the diabetes news that everyone should take note of for their own personal health.


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